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Wamblin on home

Okay, so I just got home from school and need to vent. No I didn't get detention. I never get detention. LOL. I do get in trouble, though, but not today. A couple freinds of mine did; and for the shittiest reasons ever. Granger really pitched a fit in history today - it was a site to behold, yeah. Two guys were caught plagiarizing, and he called them on it right in front of the whole class - open ridicule is never the best thing, especially when the objects of said ridicule are Brute and Glob. Oh, ho. They were not happy - but what did they expect, ripping off a famous commentary on the Magna Carta? Holy feck, I tell ya. But they were pissed, and were blatherin' all over how they were gonna get Granger back. Slash tires, crazy glue his chair, standard shite.

Nobody paid 'em any mind, until my mates Bryce and Toby overheard what they were really gonna do. (an aside to all you thugs out there - check the bloody stalls before you make your plans in the bathroom! stupid naziass punks).  If they'd gotten away with it, it woulda been legendary, but half the school woulda been dead, probably. Something involving pot, cherrybombs and the air ducts in the nurses office. Fecked up shite. So Toby and Bryce ran and got security. The peelers got Brute and Glob and everything should have been peachykeen (did I just say that? what am I, twelve?). But, no. Fuck, no, in fact. The principle refused to believe that Bryce and Tobs weren't involved in the plot. He thought they just got cold feet - if he had a bloody clue, he'd know the truth, but he doesn't care. Sodding gobshite. So, Brute and Glob get suspended, maybe expelled, and so do Bryce and Tobs. They're gonna appeal, and I bet their parents'll be livid but... bollocks and banjax, that's fecked up.

And it's all political. Bryce's dad has been critical of the principal's shite in the past. There was hullaballo last year. Wasn't pretty at all, shoulda gone down then, but no the buggar came out smellin' like an english rose garden. Ugh. I am beyond words. Fuckin' beyond.


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