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Let the Randomness Begin...

Yo! Wazzup? They call me Walt. I get called a lot of things, truth be told (and sometimes it even is!). Walt, Walter (if they're mad), Wallaby (if they're trying to be cute, argh!), Wals, Sir Walter Random, Wowsers, Dubya (puh-lease!), and the occasional Walt-T-F???? I think I like that last one suits me - wish I'd thought of it. Oh, and yeah, the newest one: Walt-of-Mass-Destruction, WMD for short.

What else, em...? I'm sixteen, and sexy. I'm random, and randy. And mine is an evil laugh. My goal here is to have fun, and inflict random Waltness upon the online community. Chaos, confusion, death, and destruction? I'm there, and I'm probably the cause. Oh, and I also wanna keep up with my bros. And maybe help them keep it up. (snerk!)

I like a lot of random things. You'll think I'm rather wacky, and I am. But I can be serious, too. Once I was even serious for a whole fifteen seconds. Or was it ten? Anyway... I have some normal tastes, some weird tastes, and some tastes that would leave a bad taste in your mouth even if you used industrial strength Listerine for a week. That's just how I roll. I am the shite. And if you're reading this, so are you! And no, I don't have ADHD!


...oh look, shiny!...

...Now, where was I? Oh yea... I like good grammar but if I feckup while I'm typing, I may not go back and fix it. I'm eclectic and eccentric, or so they tell me. Those words are almost past my pay grade.

I'm Irish, and yes I have red hair, and yes I'm actually from Ireland, not just Irish-American. I love America, don't get me wrong, but people think they're Irish 'cause their greatgreatgreatgreat(what is that?)greatgreat(when's lunch?)greatgreatgreat(monkeyballs?)greatgreat grandparents came over on the Mayflower, or the Petunia or even the Rhododendron (see, I can spell, suckah!) need to really get a grip on reality. But do they? No, they dress up every year on St. Paddy's day (who wasn't even Irish himself - actually read your history, feckers!) and drink green beer and get shitfaced, and maybe get Celtic tatoos or some shite like that and they think that makes them Irish. Bollocks, I say! (hmm...there's a thought...).

Whoa, that really was Wambling, wasn't it? No, not just rambling. Anyone can do that, and most people have. Wambling is a Walt-exclusive, and thanks Nate for coming up with that exquisitely perfect terminology. If you ever want to wamble wit' me, you're welcome to. ;-)

Yeah, the letter W is sorta my trade mark. You here that Georgie? I HAD IT FIRST!!!!!!! (okay, maybe not... but still...) Dude, I must make that part of my goal... yeah. Sir Walter Random and the Quest to Reclaim the 'W'! Best-seller material, I tell ya! J-Fing-K who? (whoa, pun on two levels - and swearing too, woot!)

I say woot alot. Sometimes it's w00t, but not when I'm lazy. Anything else, huh? Hmm... I'm horny? How's that? That cover it? And yes, I know I'm always horny. It's called being-fucking-16, motherfucker! WOOT!

Okay, Tim, okay. I'll self-censor from now on. Adam knows he can't say that stuff until he gets to be my age, though. And you know he wouldn't anyway, 'cause he's a pussy. J/k, Acer! You know I luv ya 4evuh! And dad? If you're reading this (gulp)...sir...it's not me typing. I was possessed by a crazy man. Yes, like always. Okay? Kewel.


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