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...And We're Back!

Okay, so yeah, it's been like almost a year since I posted here... Well, more like over 10 months, but hey, who's countin'? The name's Walt, in case ya forgot. Or even care. Why are you reading this anyway?

The big news right now is that I have a little sister. Yeah. My dad and stepmom had a little girl. That's the first girl in a family of six boys. Heaven help little Gracie's future boyfriends. They're gonna have to get through all of us! And Grace is her middle name, actually third name, btw. Abigail Caitlin Grace. We're callin' her Gracie. Say goodnight, Gracie! ;-)

Still livin' in Chicago. Havin' fun in school. Adam's cool. He posted to his LJ earlier today, which is what reminded me of mine. So that's why I'm here. Just checkin' in. Everybody's cool. I'll prolly wamble some more on here pretty soon. In da mean time, stay frosty!


It's OVER!!!!

Felicitations my ever-so-loyal-patient-and-horny readers! It's over!!! Both my exile to the land of IRL - imposed by my brother Tim and justly so I'm ashamed to admit (but hey, it was worth it!) - and the terrible reign of Sanjaya the Accursed. It's over. And it couldn't come at a better time. I wanted to rip that stupid bandanna off his head, tie it around his balls and cut them off. So fucking insanely awful.

...like totally...

So, where was I? Oh, yes. *does the Carlton happy dance naked through the backyard* Okay, I'm back now. Oh, no... wait for it. *Strips again, hops on the bed, and pole dances* Alright then, now it's out of my system.


Now I'm gonna go fuck someone. :-P


More Idol Wamblings...

For flipsake, Sanjaya must die! argh, feckin' gobshite. But it Ryan's hawk made it worth having the little dork on the show. I snarfed peanut butter through my nose. Damn, that hurt, but it was hilarious as fuck... Speakin' o' which...

Who on Idol would you fuck? I'm not ashamed to say, I'd do Chris Sligh, anyway he wanted me. Sure he's not the hottest guy, but hey, he's got that chubby cuteness goin', and he's funny enough to deserve a good lay. I'm gonna miss him on the show - he's funny as shite (gee, I use that expression way too much). And then there's Chris Richardson and Blake Lewis. I'd take those two together, thank you very much. They're a matching set. Hmmm... Phil, not so much. And you already know my feelings on The Hair.

That leaves the girls... Hailey's too obvious... no thanks. I wouldn't have done Antonella, either. Jordin, on the other hand, or Gina. Any day, any way. Well, they're both fucktastic, so yeah, I guess there you have my idol orgy wish for this year.

1) Blake + Chris R.
2) Gina
3) Jordin
4) Chris S.

Yeah, that'll do it. Schweet.


Wamblin on home

Okay, so I just got home from school and need to vent. No I didn't get detention. I never get detention. LOL. I do get in trouble, though, but not today. A couple freinds of mine did; and for the shittiest reasons ever. Granger really pitched a fit in history today - it was a site to behold, yeah. Two guys were caught plagiarizing, and he called them on it right in front of the whole class - open ridicule is never the best thing, especially when the objects of said ridicule are Brute and Glob. Oh, ho. They were not happy - but what did they expect, ripping off a famous commentary on the Magna Carta? Holy feck, I tell ya. But they were pissed, and were blatherin' all over how they were gonna get Granger back. Slash tires, crazy glue his chair, standard shite.

Nobody paid 'em any mind, until my mates Bryce and Toby overheard what they were really gonna do. (an aside to all you thugs out there - check the bloody stalls before you make your plans in the bathroom! stupid naziass punks).  If they'd gotten away with it, it woulda been legendary, but half the school woulda been dead, probably. Something involving pot, cherrybombs and the air ducts in the nurses office. Fecked up shite. So Toby and Bryce ran and got security. The peelers got Brute and Glob and everything should have been peachykeen (did I just say that? what am I, twelve?). But, no. Fuck, no, in fact. The principle refused to believe that Bryce and Tobs weren't involved in the plot. He thought they just got cold feet - if he had a bloody clue, he'd know the truth, but he doesn't care. Sodding gobshite. So, Brute and Glob get suspended, maybe expelled, and so do Bryce and Tobs. They're gonna appeal, and I bet their parents'll be livid but... bollocks and banjax, that's fecked up.

And it's all political. Bryce's dad has been critical of the principal's shite in the past. There was hullaballo last year. Wasn't pretty at all, shoulda gone down then, but no the buggar came out smellin' like an english rose garden. Ugh. I am beyond words. Fuckin' beyond.

Idol Wamblings

Good googah moogah, mofos, that Sanjaya is so abso-bloody god-awful that even I wouldn't do him. Not even with a bag over his head and a gag in his throat. That...lameass excuse for humanity sings worse than two of my bros put together. And that's bad. Rotting, sodding awful. Bleeding hell.

Yes, I watch Idol. Not every week, but hey, my little bro (zup, Acer??!?! where's da lj luv, boyo?) likes to watch the competition, so... it's a thing. Me...well, boys choir wasn't my bag, but I like singin'... and that bloody ass just ruins my night. That Sligh one, on the other hand. Funny as shite, and pretty good pipes, too. Blake and CR? Holy fuck, wouldn't I love to... And I'm not even a big Gwen/No Doubt fan... I mean ,the songs r ok and all, but last week was betta. But yeah, those two dudes... and a girl or too... Jordin's nice voice, but not my type. Haley... only got legs, nothing else. Best voice? Melinda ffffffffing Doolittle, yeah her. Lakish-it-how-do-you-spell-it s'good too... better than whats her face from Dreamgirls, anyway. Voices, dude, just voices. But man, if I watch next week... Sanjaya betta be goin' down tomorrow... waytasec... goin down???? maybe that's why he's still there, huh? sheeeeeeeesh. Kid... go home to mommy, you suck, you punkass poser. I am not afraid of you, and I will beat your ass!


Wandom Wamblings

...that's actually alliterative, ain't it? ;-P

I love the waffle up in the corner of this page (hopefully I won't change it, so this will always make some kind of sense). It's a cool theme. Orange isn't my favorite, but it's pretty cool how whoever did this one. Me likey, suh. But then, I like waffles anyway. I have my own waffle-iron. And I like french toast, but that doesn't have a W. Wish it did. What does?

Oh yeah, Wash. My icon. That's Wash from Firefly and Serenity, if you didn't know. He's the shite. Funny guy, great character. Hoban Washburn. What a name. Glad it's not mine, but it works for him. But how he scored Gina Torres is beyond me. She must have some kind of kink. LOL. "I am a leaf on the wind. Watch me soar." (*sniff*). I like Weird Al, too.

Let the Randomness Begin...

Yo! Wazzup? They call me Walt. I get called a lot of things, truth be told (and sometimes it even is!). Walt, Walter (if they're mad), Wallaby (if they're trying to be cute, argh!), Wals, Sir Walter Random, Wowsers, Dubya (puh-lease!), and the occasional Walt-T-F???? I think I like that last one suits me - wish I'd thought of it. Oh, and yeah, the newest one: Walt-of-Mass-Destruction, WMD for short.

What else, em...? I'm sixteen, and sexy. I'm random, and randy. And mine is an evil laugh. My goal here is to have fun, and inflict random Waltness upon the online community. Chaos, confusion, death, and destruction? I'm there, and I'm probably the cause. Oh, and I also wanna keep up with my bros. And maybe help them keep it up. (snerk!)

I like a lot of random things. You'll think I'm rather wacky, and I am. But I can be serious, too. Once I was even serious for a whole fifteen seconds. Or was it ten? Anyway... I have some normal tastes, some weird tastes, and some tastes that would leave a bad taste in your mouth even if you used industrial strength Listerine for a week. That's just how I roll. I am the shite. And if you're reading this, so are you! And no, I don't have ADHD!


...oh look, shiny!...

...Now, where was I? Oh yea... I like good grammar but if I feckup while I'm typing, I may not go back and fix it. I'm eclectic and eccentric, or so they tell me. Those words are almost past my pay grade.

I'm Irish, and yes I have red hair, and yes I'm actually from Ireland, not just Irish-American. I love America, don't get me wrong, but people think they're Irish 'cause their greatgreatgreatgreat(what is that?)greatgreat(when's lunch?)greatgreatgreat(monkeyballs?)greatgreat grandparents came over on the Mayflower, or the Petunia or even the Rhododendron (see, I can spell, suckah!) need to really get a grip on reality. But do they? No, they dress up every year on St. Paddy's day (who wasn't even Irish himself - actually read your history, feckers!) and drink green beer and get shitfaced, and maybe get Celtic tatoos or some shite like that and they think that makes them Irish. Bollocks, I say! (hmm...there's a thought...).

Whoa, that really was Wambling, wasn't it? No, not just rambling. Anyone can do that, and most people have. Wambling is a Walt-exclusive, and thanks Nate for coming up with that exquisitely perfect terminology. If you ever want to wamble wit' me, you're welcome to. ;-)

Yeah, the letter W is sorta my trade mark. You here that Georgie? I HAD IT FIRST!!!!!!! (okay, maybe not... but still...) Dude, I must make that part of my goal... yeah. Sir Walter Random and the Quest to Reclaim the 'W'! Best-seller material, I tell ya! J-Fing-K who? (whoa, pun on two levels - and swearing too, woot!)

I say woot alot. Sometimes it's w00t, but not when I'm lazy. Anything else, huh? Hmm... I'm horny? How's that? That cover it? And yes, I know I'm always horny. It's called being-fucking-16, motherfucker! WOOT!

Okay, Tim, okay. I'll self-censor from now on. Adam knows he can't say that stuff until he gets to be my age, though. And you know he wouldn't anyway, 'cause he's a pussy. J/k, Acer! You know I luv ya 4evuh! And dad? If you're reading this (gulp)...sir...it's not me typing. I was possessed by a crazy man. Yes, like always. Okay? Kewel.


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