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Walt's Wandom Wamblings

...i am the Wonderful, Wonderful Wizard of WALT-zing alone...

Sir Walter Randy
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The name's Connors. Walt Connors. Agent Double-oh-Studmuffin. I am not afraid of you, and I will beat your ass. I make the Black Donnellys look like the Blue Smurfs.
24, 300, adam brody, adam sandler, amazing race, american pie, american psycho, angelina jolie, arse, athlone, bee gees, belfast, black donnellys, blowjobs, blue collar comedy tour, bnl, bond, brad garrett, breaking benjamin, bros, brothers, bukkake, captain jack sparrow, casino royale, chan, charlie sheen, charlie's angels, chicago, chicks, chris rock, christian bale, chuck norris, dana carvey, dancing, daniel radcliffe, daredevil, dodgeball, dog the bounty hunter, doggie style, dogs, donegal x-press, dublin, dudes, eddie izzard, everybody loves raymond, fall out boy, football, foxes, friends, fucking, fucksome trio, full monty, funny shite, gaelic, gay, getting off, gladiator, golf, goonies, gq, guggenheim grotto, guiness, happy days, heroes, home improvement, hook, hot boys, hot girls, house, idol slash, incest, indiana jones, jack harkness, jacking off, james bond, jamie bamber, jeff foxworthy, jennifer connelly, jennifer garner, johnny depp, joshua jackson, kevin smith, king of queens, larry the cable guy, lifehouse, lotr, manchester united, michael angarano, mighty ducks, omnisexual, orgies, peter pan, porn, prep, punk'd, pussycat dolls, qaf, queer eye, randomness, red vs blue, retro, robin williams, rush hour, russell crowe, saturday night fever, sex, shagging, sin city, skiing, sky high, snl, soccar, spanking the monkey, surfing, sweater vests, swimming, take the lead, that 70's show, the fray, the riche$, three musketeers, tim allen, tmnt, tobey maguire, torchwood, u2, unbreakable, wanking, whose line, will farrell